Champagne direct Producer

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L’achat de champagne direct producteur n’est pas un réflexe pour tout le monde. En effet, comment contacter facilement le producteur de bon champagne, quand on ne le connait pas, et que celui-ci n’a pas de site internet ?

Pinot Noir Day

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Pinot Noir makes a wonderful wine, it is also a difficult and capricious variety. With its rich colors and complex flavors, it is widely regarded as one of the most enjoyable wines of all time. Soft and fruity, its velvety flavor is a perfect match for many dishes. Pinot Noir Day on August 18, 2021 is therefore an opportunity to celebrate this grape variety in its region.

The Broyage

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Grinding in Champagne: a crucial step. The crushing of the branches is an important stage in the cycle of the vine. Following the pruning, the wood removed is arranged in andean in the row. These Andeans ... Read more

The End of the Palissage and the Cutting

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  Training, aimed at improving quality and yield by increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis, ends after 3 weeks of work. We can salute the work of our team who carried out this task with rigor even under the ... Read more

The Palissage

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      The objective of the training is to support the vegetation according to the method of pruning chosen, to develop the exposed leaf surface and to avoid the overcrowding of vegetation. It ensures the exposure and aeration of the grapes and is carried out in ... Read more

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