The harvest 2019

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The 2019 harvest: extraordinary conditions 

The characteristics of the season until the harvest have enabled the Champagne grapes to experience exceptional maturation dynamics.
The balance between acidity and sugar content have shown, that we have chosen the correct dates for harvest (between the 5th and 12th of September).
The perfect health condition of plants gives the grapes a good aromatic concentration and a promises an excellent champagne taste.

Global warming in Champagne has become a reality because the average temperature has increased by + 1,1 ° C over the past 30 years. So far, this warming has been beneficial for the quality of our wines, and the 2019 vintage is no exception.

The spring frost got rid of some buds, but without doing much damage. Then the heat waves, especially in June and July, cause grills representing more than 15% of the potential of the harvest. In addition, Champagne also reached a temperature record this year (42,9 ° C on July 25). The hot and sunny weather in August and September, coupled with the cool nights of the harvest, give the vines excellent ripening power.

The monitoring of ripening allows us to harvest only grapes at optimum maturity.

The picking started at the beginning of September.

The Champagne sector:

Although the heterogeneity of the different sectors is strong, the average yield of champagne should exceed 10 kg / ha. Which is close to the economic return necessary to meet market demand. In addition, due to the exceptional harvest of 000, it is possible to supplement the “champagne reserve” (by compensating for possible losses on the next harvests, instead of climate insurance). We are therefore rather serene for the future.

Since the 2000s, Champagne has pursued a policy of sustainable development. Since then, we have significantly reduced our environmental footprint.

The industry has set itself two main objectives. First, achieve “zero herbicides” by 2025. The second would be to reach 2030% of farms by 100 that have passed environmental certification.

Le Champagne Claude PERRARD have already taken this step in order to adapt viticulture to global warming.

Grape-Champagne Claude PERRARD- harvest 2019
Grape - Champagne Claude PERRARD - harvest 2019