November, the setting aside

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November, rest of the vine

In this month of November the vines begin to lose their leaves.
With the return of the cold, the vine goes into winter rest.

We decided not to start pruning the vines at this time in order to promote the storage of the vine plants.

In the cellar, order preparations for the end-of-year celebrations are on the rise. The 3 activities of this month of November are order preparation, customer reception and delivery rounds.

In our cellars, we also taste new cuvées to confirm that they are at optimum maturity and carry out dosage tests.

Our cuvées all have a superior aging of at least 48 months after bottling. Sometimes we will let some of our bottles of Champagne age longer so that they develop other aromas for the pleasure of our taste buds.

We are responsive to your Champagne needs for Christmas and New Year but also throughout the year.

Champagne with a personalized label, Champagne gift boxes, orders for our importing partners in Europe… it's a period of full effervescence!

For the end of year celebrations as all year round, you can come and buy your Champagne directly at the estate. We will offer you a tasting to help you discover our products and select the Champagne that will best meet your expectations.

You can also order your champagne online and receive it directly at home.

Discover all the life of the vine month by month by by clicking here.

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