Pinot Noir Day

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Pinot Noir Day in Champagne on August 18, 2021

Pinot Noir makes a wonderful wine, it is also a difficult and capricious variety. With its rich colors and complex flavors, it is widely regarded as one of the most enjoyable wines of all time. Soft and fruity, its velvety flavor is a perfect match for many dishes. Pinot Noir Day on August 18, 2021 is therefore an opportunity to celebrate this grape variety in its region.

History of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir gets its name from the color of its grapes and their pine cone-shaped clusters that grow on the vines. Showing a strong preference for cooler climates, they are mainly grown in Champagne, Burgundy and Alsace, although production in Western America and South Africa is also significant.

In practice

Growing and making Pinot Noir is no easy task. The skin of grapes is thin and cannot offer the same protection as grapes with thicker skin. We must ensure impeccable sanitary conditions so that these tight clusters can fully express their potential. It goes through a rigorous prophylactic fight. We must start by understanding the functioning of our soils to better support it (reasoning of fertilization). The choice of size is also important in defining the load and spread of vegetation to come to the scale of the plant. The disbudding operations combined with careful training will provide important support. Then, the trimming and the shears will finalize the stage of our essential cultural practices. The ordeal becomes more complicated during the aging process, combining whim and instability. Our land, clay and limestone brings typicity to our cuvées. It leads to wines both rich and complex.

In the Coast of Bars from the Aube region, we have been cultivating this grape for several generations and have mastered our terroir well. Our slopes of Rouvres-les-vignes benefit from full southern sunshine for better maturation of the grapes. This allows us to better understand the results obtained and to optimize the results.

With this experience, the wines produced are incomparable. Pinot Noir Day celebrates all the work involved in producing this wine and the delicious generosity that results. Whether blended with other grape varieties or as a single grape variety, it leaves its indelible mark on our flutes.

Our Champagne Claude PERRARD Brut Blanc de Noirs is today the fruit of the experience of a century of work and questioning. It is necessary to combine passion and patience for optimal results. I invite you to come and discover us, you will discover part of our personality in our Champagne. The tasting will allow an interesting exchange between convinced and eager for discovery.

Looking forward to sharing these moments with you!

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