Guided tour of the champagne vineyard, in the family vineyard in Rouvres-les-Vignes, near Troyes and Colombey-les-deux-eglises, visit of the vineyard and tasting of our claude perrard champagne cuvées

We invite you to visit the champagne vineyard, in order to discover the culture of the vineyard, its maintenance and its exploitation in order to be able to conceive the champagne. You will have the opportunity to go to the very heart of the vineyard, to discover the soil and the different grape varieties, to understand in detail how the winemaker prepares and creates his champagne year after year.

Visits last approximately 1 hour. They are open to all, and paid. A tasting of our vintages is carried out at the end of the visit.
You also have the choice between visiting the vineyard, or visiting the cellar.

We are located at Open the vines, near Colombey-les-deux églises and the Charles de Gaulles memorial. We are also close to the agglomeration of Troyes, and the lakes of the Orient forest.

Visit of the vineyard and tasting - 1h

Visit of the cellar and tasting - 1h

To find out more, you can contact us directly:
- by phone at +33682700656
- by email to the following address:

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