Champagne Paris and the Paris region

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Champagne Paris and the Paris region

To find at Paris champagne directly from the producer, no need to go to department stores.
We offer to meet all your champagne needs, throughout the year, by placing your orders at the estate, through our website.

All departments are served either by our local partners or by our transport partners. All the districts of Paris (75), Seine-et-Marne (77) and Yvelines (78). But also Essonne (91), Hauts-de-Seine (92), Seine-Saint-Denis (93), Val-de-Marne (94) and Val-d'Oise (95).

We offer champagne cuvées with superior aging (minimum 48 months). Our cuvées are regularly awarded medals, which is a guarantee of quality and seriousness for you.

The wine estate is certificated in “sustainable viticulture in champagne”, and “High Environmental Value Operation”. Indeed, our grape cultivation practices are particularly respectful of the environment. We are working not only for our generation, but also for future generations.

Our wine estate is located near Paris, around 2h30 drive.
We offer you guided tours of field and cellars on demand.

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Here are our cuvées:

History of Champagne Claude PERRARD

Le Champagne Claude PERRARD is born of a passion that has been passed on from father to son since 1911.

Since then, several generations of champagne winemakers producing “still wine” have followed one another.

Today, Frédéric and Jean-Pierre PERRARD continue this tradition.

Le Champagne Claude PERRARD thus remains the witness of an extraordinary terroir with wines of character, with beautiful roundness and complex aromas.

For the production we mainly use the sort of grapes Pinot Noir, but also Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

This accomplice of unforgettable moments comes from sustainable viticulture in order to obtain these exceptional products.

We will welcome you with great pleasure in our house to taste our champagne.

It is essential to find the place of the soil and the plant in the management of the agro-system and its biodiversity. To achieve these objectives, we practice a permanent questioning of our methods in order to combine traditions and current knowledge while respecting environmental rules. The vineyard plots are located around the village of Rouvres-les-vignes.

We thus quickly transport the grapes to the press.
This allows us to maintain the highest quality of the produced champagne.

Claude Perrard Champagne vineyard
Champagne Claude Perrard Cuvées

The production
Our four Champagne varieties can only be made of the best grapes.

Production method:

The grapes are squeezed and this creates the juice.
We will then store the grape juice in vats where fermentation can begin. This lasts about ten days. Kept at a constant temperature of 18-20 ° C, this 1st so-called "alcoholic" fermentation activates the natural yeasts present in the grape juice and transforms the sugars into alcohol. Then, we will make the blends in “still” wines (non-sparkling) from different harvests to obtain the desired final flavor. This step constitutes the real "signature" of the Champagne Claude PERRARD.

We then proceed to bottling, with the addition of sugar and yeasts. This second fermentation transforms it into sparkling wine. The pulling step allows the "prize de mousse".

The bottle

We can then cap the bottle tightly with a cap. Also, we will let these cuvées age for about 5 years for optimal maturation. Riddling, manual or mechanical, consists of turning the bottle from left to right, then putting it upside down, to facilitate the accumulation of deposits. We will evacuate this deposit during the disgorging carried out by the neck of the bottle. Then, we add the cork stopper, the capsule, the muselet, the label and the collar which finalize the manufacture of the Champagne Claude PERRARD.

history of champagne claude perrard champagne claude perrard rome italy
history of champagne claude perrard champagne claude perrard rome italy

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