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The period of blossoming is important for us because it allows us to estimate the date of the harvest quite reliably.

Indeed, we know that it takes about 100 days after the start of the flower for the grapes to mature. Of course, we must take into account the weather conditions, the lunar influence and the sanitary condition which can slow down or accelerate the maturity of the grapes.

The onset of flowering begins with the emergence of the stamens (male reproductive organ) from the flowers of the vines.

This period of the year when the vines blossom is very important because each small fertilized flower will give a berry. But if the rain or the cold phase are too persistent, the berries will either not form or will be very small, this is called millerandage.



The flower buds are clearly isolated. This is a typical form of inflorescence.




The caps detach at the base and fall off; stamens and pistil are visible.


Grape at the fruiting stage

The ovary begins to grow. Withered stamens often remain attached to their attachment point.