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What is Ratafia

Un ratafia of champagne is a sweet alcoholic drink, obtained by maceration of must de raisinin alcohol.

You can make ratafia with all kinds of fruits: lemon, quince, mirabelle plum, raspberry etc. We are talking here about ratafia produced from grapes.
This finds its origin around the XNUMXthe century as a method of preserving grape juice or other fruit, the fermentation of which is blocked by adding alcohol (mutage).


The ratafia would be derived from the Latin expression “pax rata fiat”, which was pronounced when peace was signed, or when an agreement had been signed.

Champagne Ratafia

Ratafia is to Champagne, what Pineau is to Charentes, or even Pommeau to Normandy.

In Champagne, the ratafia of champagne ou champagne ratafia is defined as a spirit drink obtained by aromatizing an alcohol of viticultural origin with must of Champagne grapes. It is marketed after a minimum period of maturation in vats or in barrels of 10 months or after a minimum period of aging in wood of 3 years. 

Ratafia of champagne claude perrard

When and how is ratafia drunk?

As an aperitif, this drink perfectly replaces port. Ratafia is also eaten with pan-fried foie gras and blue or blue-veined cheese. During the dessert you can taste it with a recipe based on chocolate and fruit. Ratafia is drunk rather chilled but without ice so as not to dilute its aroma. The Catalans taste it as a digestive.

Ratafia is drunk at a temperature between 7 and 9°C.
Enjoy it in an eau-de-vie or cocktail glass.
After opening, consume it preferably within the following month.

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