Global Drink Wine Day February 18, 2021

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Wine story:

We know that humans produce wine (wine) for thousands of years. However, no one knows who was the first to ferment the grapes in what we now call wine.

Researchers then find ancient evidence of wine production in China, the Middle East, and Greece. So it seems that many different cultures discovered this process almost simultaneously.

The oldest known winery is located in a cave in Armenia and has a history of over 4000 years. The winemakers used grapes there which are still used to make wine today!

Wine barrels are found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and ancient Greeks used wine in secret religious ceremonies.

Although wine has taken various forms since ancient times, this process will change very little since its invention.

The winegrowers squeeze the grapes then ferment the juice. They then put the blend in a barrel and then in a bottle.

Our experience:

With these simple steps, we create very different wines. This leaves us a lot of freedom to express ourselves through his creations. Also, we invite you to come and discover our cuvées in the cellar in Rouvres-les-vignes.

External factors such as the soil of Champagne, temperature and weather conditions will contribute to the building. They will affect the way the wine grapes grow and will make each batch unique. Depending on the vintage, the tastes of two bottles of the same wine from the same vineyard can be completely different. The weather factor strongly influences an excellent vintage.

Take advantage of this wine day to taste a good bottle of Champagne Claude PERRARD. Relax and know that you are celebrating a very old human tradition. We raise our glasses to your health! Love wine

Wine Champagne Claude Perrard

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