Claude PERRARD Champagne Brut Rosé is a composition of Pinot Noir and Coteaux Champenois.

These cuvées were selected and assembled to create an interesting balance in taste.
You will not be able to resist its elegance and freshness.
You can admire its beautiful pink "salmon dress".

Champagne Claude PERRARD Brut Rosé unfolds its aromas of almonds, sweet poppy, with notes of red fruit.
The smooth taste is round without too much power and at the same time it maintains a certain freshness in the finish.
Our cuvée suits perfectly to white meat and your barbecue.
It can also harmoniously complement salmon with almonds or with the sauce Armoricaine.
It tastes also perfect with goat's cheese.

CHAMPAGNE Claude PERRARD Brut Rosé highlights your red fruit desserts.