Sustainable Viticulture Certification

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Main objective: the environment

Sustainable viticulture in Champagne (VDC) was created in 2001. It is the application of the principles of sustainable development in viticulture for Champagne. It therefore aims to Environmental Protection.

It is indeed a voluntary method based on our commitment to solve the challenges of the wine industry:

  1. Control of inputs
  2. Protect the terroir, biodiversity and the wine-growing landscape
  3. Implement responsible management of water, wastewater, by-products and waste
  4. Reduce energy dependence and carbon footprint

This certification aims to minimize the pressure of wine-growing practices on the environment.

Since May 2015, the Champagne sustainable viticulture standards established by the Interprofessional Committee for Champagne Wines (CIVC). It is recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture. These benchmarks cover more than 124 points. It is currently under review. To date, more than 20% of Champagne vineyards have obtained this certification.

So as with all environmental certifications, the audit of the structure is carried out by an independent approved certification body. It then delivers the certification under the conditions of compliance with the specifications.


The development of the vineyard and the operating structures are also important stages with long-term consequences.
In sustainable viticulture, the objectives are also numerous:

1. Preserve natural environments, soil quality and biodiversity
2. Take into account and anticipate natural hazards (land movements, erosion),
3. Contribute to enhancing the heritage and landscapes of our vineyards
4. Allow sustainability and development by optimizing the natural defenses of the vine.

This approach is very important to us in order to offer our products the best of our land. Also, we must take care of our planet. Finally, we do not own our land. We only borrow it from our children. So we have to get them back in the best possible condition.


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